Without having to wear any trackers.

A breakthrough sensor that can accurately track your  heart rate and respiration while you sleep.

Without physical contact, from a distance, and through objects.

Starting at only $279 $209.

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MEET RemWave

✓ Accurately tracks vital signs

Through advanced radar technology and our proprietary algorithm.

✓ Smart sleep monitoring 

Place a RemWave sleep sensor under each family member's bed to get a detailed look at their sleep quality

✓ Remote vital sign monitoring

Use RemWave sleep for your parent's or grandparent's home to get on-demand heart rate and sleep data via our app.


Our technology can detect human presence, motion, heart rate and breathing

Our AI and ML algorithms enable us to monitor heart rate with an extraordinarily high rate of accuracy and precision that is on par with pulse oximeters found in many hospitals

The ability to monitor these vital signs with this level of accuracy without any touch or contact will enhance yours and your family's lives.


No need to recharge it or even remember to turn it on. It's that simple.

Where will you place it? 

Track sleep in your primary bedroom 

See if your teenager is getting the rest they need in their room

Keep an eye on your grandmother in a different state

It fits your family's lifestyle.


We are giving you access to the most important data of everyone in your family. On demand.

Track how each family member is sleeping, breathing and functioning. Use historical data to better manage everyone's sleep wellness.

This will help everyone improve their daily performance and ensure a happy, stress-free family life.

Join our mission.

We have gathered machine learning and radar scientists from MIT and NASA, along with seasoned hardware and software engineers to bring this product to life. 

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